They Do Have the Hottest Girls Around

Thank the gods for hot sexy Desi girls because I needed to find some real cuties to hang out with and there weren’t any around my town. My family immigrated here from India several years ago and the cultural transition has been challenging to say the least. It’s hard to meet local girls when you’re a guy fresh off the boat from India. They tend to look at me like I stepped off an alien spaceship! Everyone is actually very friendly, but it’s not easy to meet girls regardless. My brother saw my pain and decided to help.

He’d been on the Desi site for some time and found it to be quite entertaining. He doesn’t even bother maintaining any other social media sites because he enjoys this one so much. Continue reading

Moving into a Little Rental House

I found this place a couple of weeks ago and I really was shocked by how much money I was going to save. At first I was just going to move in with one of my pals, but he has a girlfriend and she was willing to pull her own weight. That made her an acceptable roommate. I found out that she can cook really well since then. We have a pretty good Frontier internet service, it is in fact one of those all fiber services and it costs about as much as I used to pay for cable broadband which did not work half as well. Continue reading

Responsible Energy Use in Our Homes

We’ve all heard the urge to “go green.” But what does it mean exactly? Is it really possible to build an energy efficient home that does not rely on coal energy or chemical energy? Is is possible to rely solely on alternative stream energy rates for our everyday needs? If you want to know the answers to these questions, just look at today’s retirees. There is a lot to be said for the new crop of environmental-friendly, retiring Baby Boomers who are refusing the canned retirement solutions that are out there aplenty. Many have had to live in the cities that created their employment complete with smog and crime. Years have gone by, the kids have been protected as much as possible in gated communities and the day has finally dawned when it’s time to take a look at “what’s next. Continue reading

Dynasty Mattresses – Can You Trust Them?

Amongst the memory foam mattresses, the Dynasty Mattress is very popular and manufactured by a company bearing the same name. The product intends targeting people looking for the high-end quality at affordable process. The manufacturers uphold their product against Tempur-Pedic, one of the foremost experts of orthopedic mattresses.

Now, that’s really bold of them, as no other manufacturer dared promoting its product in this fashion. However, Dynasty have since long been selling to wholesalers and retailers before venturing out to establish themselves as online providers of high quality mattresses at attractive prices.

Dynasty Mattress

Let’s know if they really come up to the tall claims they make and for that we need to know how the mattress is produced. As on date, there is no standard laid down for manufacturing memory foam mattresses, though there is a general understanding for what a memory foam mattress should deliver. Most of the better-known memory mattresses come with a minimum thickness of ten inches, though twelve-inch thickness is often produced and favored by many consumers.

The Dynasty Mattress comes in thickness of 10, 12 and 14-inch thus catering to all preferences. Further it has been realized that the ideal density of a mattress to provide adequate comfort and needed support should be between 4.5lbs and 6lbs. The Dynasty Mattress falls in between with a density of 5.3lbs.

Now that we know the specifications are fine, do they really make this mattress good? Well, the answer to that comes willingly and abundantly right from the customers’ mouth. These Dynasty mattresses have earned many positive reviews online. There are plentiful of reviews and all talk positive about the mattress, giving it a rating of 4 stars, just short of the maximum 5 stars.

Letting Criminals Know I Am Protected

I had never really considered having a security system until I watched a documentary about home invasions. That was enough to make me realize that I had put myself in this safe little bubble that I really liked but that those who wished to do me harm would disregard in a heartbeat. Even before the hour long show was over, I knew that I was going to do a search for ADT home security near Atlanta to see if there were any companies that would be able to help me with getting my house a bit more on the secure side.

The reason I wanted to go with ADT is because it was mentioned a few times in the documentary, and I felt that if experts were touting its advantages, then I would be foolish to not look into them first. Continue reading

Let the Criminals Just Try

It’s nice to think that our homes are safe from harm. That when we begin filling them up with all the things that we buy with our hard earned money that they’re going to be safe from the outside world. We quietly acknowledge that crime is a fact of life but rarely do we accept that crime can happen to us – until it does. It happened to me which is when I made the decision to not be a victim and ordered Fresno CA ADT Security to ensure that it wouldn’t ever happen again. It better not, anyways. Criminals

I think a part of me even wants to invite a burglar to try it again. I took the little ADT sign they plant in the front yard and tossed it: I don’t want to give a criminal the luxury of thinking that they’re the one’s who are safe. Nope. Continue reading

Started to Get Set Up Here

We are unpacked at last, but not quite completely just yet. Last night we used the air mattress, which is usually something that we take camping with us. However it was easy to set up and we did not have to finish unloading the cargo trailer. It was already 3 in the morning when we stopped and we had been going since before 7 in the morning. Today I am looking to get the internet and the tv service hooked up. I had thought that was going to be simple, but I have been looking at sites like to try to see what is available here. In the last place we lived it was pretty much call Time Warner and pay them what they wanted. You could decide which one of the plans that they gave you, but you were pretty much forced to go to Time Warner if you wanted high speed Internet. Continue reading

Sharing My Music with Others

When I started putting my music on SoundCloud, it was really just as an outlet for me. I did not expect to have a small following right away. I was both surprised and extremely grateful, and it made me realize that maybe I do have what it takes to make it in the music business. I decided to focus all of my energy on making this a reality, but I knew I had to increase SoundCloud followers in order to do that. While the dozens that I had all had good things to say about what I was putting out there, I knew that they were just a small ripple in a very large ocean.Sharing My Music

I wasn’t sure how to attract a large amount of followers in a short amount of time, so I did what I do whenever I am confused on something. I simply did an online search for it, and the answer was right there for me in black and white. I found a company that actually sells followers for SoundCloud accounts. I had to wrap my mind around it at first, but it made perfect sense once I did.

It truly is a numbers game. While music is important, it is not going anywhere without the numbers to support it. This company could get me the amount of followers that would be a respectable number, and that alone would garner attention that otherwise would not exist. People look at numbers first, then they look at the music. Thankfully, this company took care of that for me, which allowed me more time to work on my music. They delivered the followers to my account immediately, and I was even getting real comments and people reposting and sharing my music. I never imagined that it could be this way!

The Life of a Child

As a doctor at a hospital, I meet a lot of people with different conditions. Sometimes these people don’t live, and it makes me sad, but when I see someone who survives, I get a great feeling. I like the fact that I was able to save a person’s life. There’s one child who I treated at the hospital a while ago. He needed to have a somatropin treatment to help his body grow. When he came into the hospital, he was a short young man with a frail physique. It was almost like he hadn’t gotten enough food to eat at home.

The child’s condition was rare, and if he didn’t get treatment, his body would be stuck the same way forever. I wanted him to grow up to be a healthy young man. The child was a little afraid of getting the treatment.

Seven Tips To Save your Money At wal-mart!

Hi everyone, how are you? I hope everybody had a fantastic weekend. I have an idea to do a post about saving money at the supermarket, I thought I would share with you. Whenever I find tips/advice that are useful to others I can’t wait to share them with my readers. I want to help people out & sometimes even just a simple tip can make a big difference.
Whenever you go to the supermarket, you don’t want to spend an unbelievable amount of money, & you don’t want to spend very little where you buy hardly anything at all right? Buying a good amount of items for a reasonable price is something you want to do. So here are 7 tips that I found that helped me save money while at the supermarket.

1. Use coupons!! You can purchase them for a dollar or less on ebay, cut them out from your Sunday newspaper, & print out coupons from various sites like redplum, + search online coupons on google & lots of sites come up. Coupons work even better if an item is already on sale & you use a coupon for it, then you really have a deal.

2. Take advantage of store sales especially if an item is 1/2 price or 3 for $4, It’s really good if it’s on items you regularly purchase. This way you will have multiples of the item & you save money too.

3. Buy items you really need. Don’t just buy items because they are on sale & in reality you will never eat them. If something is on sale & you don’t use it, then don’t buy it, otherwise you will waste money & the money you could have used for something that you really use will be wasted for something that you don’t use.

4. Buy your groceries at a few different stores. Don’t feel obligated to purchase them all at one store. It stands to reason that not all the items you are going to get are going to be on sale in just one store. I find that when I shop at different stores for my grocery orders, it is better this way. It gives me more of an advantage to get my items on sale. I realized when looking at store fliers that a lot of different stores have sales that are applicable. It’s great because it saves a lot of money. I know most people may want to get all their items in one store, but if there are not a lot of sales in one store, then you may want to venture someplace else for more sales that you could get.

5. Buy store brand items if you can, because they are a lot cheaper than other brands. Just because it’s a store brand item makes it a little more generic it doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good. I had good & bad experiences with store brand items in the past. You basically have to find what works for you.

6. Don’t stock up on snacks. Basically what I mean by this is don’t buy a lot of chips, cookies, crackers etc. I find it to be a waste of money. I’m not saying don’t ever buy snacks, but don’t overdue it. The reason I’m saying this is because snacks aren’t filling, & you probably will be hungry afterwords. Why waste money on food that doesn’t fill you up right? I would suggest buying a limited amount of snacks, this way you can still have them, but you won’t waste money on 10 different snacks that won’t fill you up.

7. Buy multiples of sale items. Even if the sale is not 3 for $5 or 3 for $4 etc. I find if you buy multiples of items that are on sale you save a lot of money. This really works good if you buy items that are on sale that you use regularly because this way you have them for a long time & they will last. To be honest you don’t really know when any item that you buy is going to be on sale again week after week, so it’s best to stock up on items that you use that are on sale.
I hope this list that I made will help you out when you buy your groceries!
Enjoy your week everyone!