Why Empower Network?

As an income generating asset the Empower Network offers what most start up investors are looking for; a low initial investment 

with high income generating potential.

As an educational platform; Knowledge is what makes you rich, not money, but when talking about money; no other skill is more closely associated with money’s acquisition than marketing. Before money ever changes hands there has to be marketing first. You even use marketing for your personal non-monetary gain. In marketing as with any profession there is a certain set of skills used and a certain language spoken; the problem in the network marketing industry is; many new business owners have no prior marketing experience. Your options are; take out a student loan for thousands of dollars to go to school to learn marketing…OR you can spend $125 to join the Empower Network and its Marketing University. With the Empower Network you can gain a world class business education while having real world business experiences… And, you’re given the opportunity to earn an above average income while you learn. (I think I just heard Student Loan run out of the back door). There is also a heavy emphasis on personal development; that’s to help with overthrowing a lot of those long entrenched thoughts and habits that’s held us back. This portion of training offers everyone the best opportunity on this level to become aware of one’s self, and develop the necessary skills to work as a part of something much larger than yourself and your personal dreams. You learn to thrive with like minded individuals in an atmosphere of synergy, understanding that your success is secondary to the success of those following you.

Why the Empower Network?
Let’s face it, business has moved online in a very big way; and with more and more people accessing information via an electronic device and conducting more of their business online; everyone who is serious about engaging in business has to have an online presence. That online presence is usually maintained by websites and/or blogs. Blogs however is the chief means by which companies communicate with their customers and potential customers, and where customers and potential customers go to access information about the company and its brand, and it’s also where they go to communicate their thoughts

The Bottom Line: every serious business that is serious about remaining in business need an online presence, it needs a blog…

Why the Empower Network…?As a business building platform: the Empower Network is perfect for anyone interested in doing business online, offering an optimized blog, marketing material, a high end product to sell and a fully automated marketing system. Along with step by step business building instruction the Empower Network is Business Building University…Bring your passion, your brain and motivation and EN offers its members everything else they need to begin making money online immediately. It’s all the financial tools you need too get the mastery over money.

When you join the revolution here’s the first thing you’re going to get;

The Empower Network Viral Blogging System ($497 Value) I’ll receive a core ‘Done for You’ Blogging System, INSTANTLY Set-Up in “Money Getting” Format, so that I can start driving traffic and generating leads as soon as I place my order below!

• A complete 8-Step ‘Money Getting’ Formula ($297 Value) In this High-Value Video Training Series, I’ll learn the most effective ways to build a successful online business and the Core ‘Must Have’ principals to Effective Entrepreneurship in today’s market. These videos outline your BIGGEST money making principals all in one place.

• 24/7 Easy access to the most successful “Money-Getting Bloggers” in our online community. (Priceless). Read, review, comment, like and more. You can even re-blog other people’s content on YOUR blog to provide your visitors with great information they can’t get enough of.

• BONUS: Instant Access to Empower Network’s NEW Mobile Application (FREE Upgrade) Upload Text & Images right to your Blog with just a few clicks from any MOBILE device … giving you the ability to build your business on the go, and Instantly plug in to training from anywhere in the World!

• BONUS: Multiple Blogs! That’s right – Blog about your Products. Blog about your Business. Blog about your Family, or your favorite Hobbies, or Sports Teams, or ANYTHING, all on different Blogs, for the same low price of only $25! And control them all from one simple, proprietary Viral Blogging Dashboard! (Priceless)

And don’t forget; you’re getting paid to learnhow to build a successful business while overthrowing the rule of that person who has been holding you back. And you’re not alone, you’re among a community of like minded entrepreneurs, some going through the same struggles that you are right now, some who were going through those same struggles a short time ago but are finding their way, some who have found their way and have set their sights higher, and some millionaires. You’ll attract and become attracted to many who will want to see you succeed and offer their help. That’s where the events hosted by the Empower Network become so valuable, ask me about them.

So here’s the deal folks;

  1. What is being promoted is an opportunity to purchase what can become an asset. It is a      business building opportunity so I AM NOT making guarantees as to your success; you may perform at average or you may perform at above average, but, there always exist the possibility that you will not make any money at all. This makes it your personal obligation to perform your due diligence to educate yourself about the risks involved in business and asset building and to familiarize yourself with the Empower Network before an investment of money is made. Here is the Empower Network’s full income disclosure. It will open in a separate window, DO NOT USE the continue to sign up page feature on that page. When you’ve finished viewing the income disclosure return to this page.
  1. It is unreasonable for you to think that you can operate a for profit business with only a $125 initial investment and no additional money to invest in its growth, As a new marketer you are almost guaranteed to not make any money for your first few months, and while there are a few superstars out there, odds are, you are not one of them, so if you don’t have the disposable income to invest into your business until it begins to generate its own money, you should stop right here and consider that expense.

Be prepared to invest into your business at the very minimum $1145 per month for the first three months:

• Empower Network: $125
• Merchant account: $20
• Business Marketing: $1000

The minimum…And that’s what’s up…