TRX Force kit

The TRX Force Kit is a training regimen that is used by professionals in the Military, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and first responders. This product is made by TRX which was started only seven years ago by a US Navy SEAL.

While training in the Navy, Randy Hetrick and others from his team wanted to develop the ultimate training exercise in order to stay in good shape while on missions. TRX makes two different types of products, Suspension Training and Rip training. The TRX Force kit is part of Suspension training.

What is TRX Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Training was the first type of product created by the TRX Company. The products weigh less than 2lbs therefore are very easy to bring with you anywhere you go while also offering an easy set up. The Suspension Trainings use a variety of exercises that will help you safely build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility and to prevent injuries. While using this product, you have the choice of which intensity you wish to complete the workout in.

What is the TRX Force Kit

It uses gravity, vectors, body weight and the pendulum effect to provide you with a great strength and endurance training.  It comes with very detailed book containing the 12-week workout program with easy to understand instructions complete with pictures and the explanation of each workout. These workouts get harder as you progress through the program.

With the purchase of the this kit you also get the DVD which includes 2 easy to understand workouts. These trainings are run by its creator Randy Hetrick and the Director of Education Fraser Quelsh.  When you buy the TRX Force kit, you will also receive a TRX door anchor and a TRX Storage bag. Whether you are in great shape, or simply wish to get in shape, this program will work for you by getting you in very good physical condition by combining cardiovascular and strength training.

Navy Sealing Talks About The TRX Force Kit

There main objective is to provide workouts to help soldiers and hardcore athletes get in the best shape possible. However, it is also encouraged to be used by the general public. The product is designed to build the following:

  • mobility
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Power and core stability

The TRX Force kit is also great when you are traveling as it is very light and can be packed easily. A lot of soldiers will use it when they are deployed or training away from home. In addition, any other people who travel a lot and who wish to remain in great shape can also benefit from this product. Some people have even reported that after they had completed the 12-week training, they used the product by making photocopies of  exercises in the guidebook and  laminating it, this way they can shuffle the cards and pick one in order to decide which one to use, this keeps the work out fresh.

The team offers a discount not only to people in the United States Armed Forces Members, but have more recently started offering  it to United States military families, veterans, Reserves, National Guard, Coast Guard, and government agencies. The company realizes that all these people go to great lengths to serve people in United States and believe in helping them. This includes Military families as they must live through the struggles of having their family members deployed.

The discount offered on the it is $20.00 and is very easy to claim. That makes the product available to this group of people for $199.95. In addition to providing this discount, they also give $5.00 of every  kit to the TRX Fund which in turn helps service members who have been injured. They provide equipment, training and continuous TRX education to Injured service members in the:

  • Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment
  • Army Warrior Transition Command
  • Almost all major Medical Treatment Facility in the Military.

TRX Force Kit Consumer Reviews

For the most part, the TRX Force Kit consumer reviews are very positive. On Amazon, based on 16 reviews, it has received an average of four stars out of a possible five. One of two only negative reviews on this site gave the product two stars; however, when reading the review the customer has no complaint about the actual product, the only negative comments he has about it is the price, as he has decided to make his own.

Other than that his comments were very positive even stating that he thought his stabilizer muscles had been worked out enough; however, when he started using it, he realized that they had not been.  Other downsides according to the consumers include:

  • You needed to be in great shape to benefit from it
  • Will not give you a super chiseled look
  • Does not work the back, biceps, and legs enough
  • Only good for toning your muscles

As previously mentioned, all other comments were for the most part positive. One person in particular, when approaching the price said that he thought it was well worth it as he would write of off the extra money spent on the  TRX Force kit as a motivation to use it more often. Other positive feedback includes:

  • Great for traveling
  • Great when you don’t want to go to the gym
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Made very sturdy and tough
  • Door attachment works well and does not ruin the door
  • Gives a rock-hard core and great functional strength
  • If you are looking to tone, this is a great price compared to other complex equipment you could buy

All that being, the TRX Force kit has not only great consumer reviews, but also helps the soldiers and the people who keep the United States safe every day of their lives. This appears to be a great company with very good morals which is not something we see every day. Although the price may seem to be a lot, it appears to be very well worth it, as it is a great workout. Also if you weigh the price of a gym membership which will be approximately $50 per month, you would only need to use it for four months in order for it to be worth your while.