Started to Get Set Up Here

We are unpacked at last, but not quite completely just yet. Last night we used the air mattress, which is usually something that we take camping with us. However it was easy to set up and we did not have to finish unloading the cargo trailer. It was already 3 in the morning when we stopped and we had been going since before 7 in the morning. Today I am looking to get the internet and the tv service hooked up. I had thought that was going to be simple, but I have been looking at sites like to try to see what is available here. In the last place we lived it was pretty much call Time Warner and pay them what they wanted. You could decide which one of the plans that they gave you, but you were pretty much forced to go to Time Warner if you wanted high speed Internet. You obviously could have gotten Direct TV or that other satellite provider.

At any rate here there are a couple of options and it seems like we might or might not be able to get some sort of fiber optic Internet. I think that would be awesome for Internet from what I understand, but I am not sure whether or not it would work for us with TV. We have a lot of tv sets and I do not quite understand how it works when you have that sort of tv provider and more than four or five tv sets. It seems that you only get a certain number of live streams, but you can apparently watch the same thing in more than one room or you could watch something that was recorded without it effecting this number. I really do not quite know how it works.