Seven Tips To Save your Money At wal-mart!

Hi everyone, how are you? I hope everybody had a fantastic weekend. I have an idea to do a post about saving money at the supermarket, I thought I would share with you. Whenever I find tips/advice that are useful to others I can’t wait to share them with my readers. I want to help people out & sometimes even just a simple tip can make a big difference.
Whenever you go to the supermarket, you don’t want to spend an unbelievable amount of money, & you don’t want to spend very little where you buy hardly anything at all right? Buying a good amount of items for a reasonable price is something you want to do. So here are 7 tips that I found that helped me save money while at the supermarket.

1. Use coupons!! You can purchase them for a dollar or less on ebay, cut them out from your Sunday newspaper, & print out coupons from various sites like redplum, + search online coupons on google & lots of sites come up. Coupons work even better if an item is already on sale & you use a coupon for it, then you really have a deal.

2. Take advantage of store sales especially if an item is 1/2 price or 3 for $4, It’s really good if it’s on items you regularly purchase. This way you will have multiples of the item & you save money too.

3. Buy items you really need. Don’t just buy items because they are on sale & in reality you will never eat them. If something is on sale & you don’t use it, then don’t buy it, otherwise you will waste money & the money you could have used for something that you really use will be wasted for something that you don’t use.

4. Buy your groceries at a few different stores. Don’t feel obligated to purchase them all at one store. It stands to reason that not all the items you are going to get are going to be on sale in just one store. I find that when I shop at different stores for my grocery orders, it is better this way. It gives me more of an advantage to get my items on sale. I realized when looking at store fliers that a lot of different stores have sales that are applicable. It’s great because it saves a lot of money. I know most people may want to get all their items in one store, but if there are not a lot of sales in one store, then you may want to venture someplace else for more sales that you could get.

5. Buy store brand items if you can, because they are a lot cheaper than other brands. Just because it’s a store brand item makes it a little more generic it doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good. I had good & bad experiences with store brand items in the past. You basically have to find what works for you.

6. Don’t stock up on snacks. Basically what I mean by this is don’t buy a lot of chips, cookies, crackers etc. I find it to be a waste of money. I’m not saying don’t ever buy snacks, but don’t overdue it. The reason I’m saying this is because snacks aren’t filling, & you probably will be hungry afterwords. Why waste money on food that doesn’t fill you up right? I would suggest buying a limited amount of snacks, this way you can still have them, but you won’t waste money on 10 different snacks that won’t fill you up.

7. Buy multiples of sale items. Even if the sale is not 3 for $5 or 3 for $4 etc. I find if you buy multiples of items that are on sale you save a lot of money. This really works good if you buy items that are on sale that you use regularly because this way you have them for a long time & they will last. To be honest you don’t really know when any item that you buy is going to be on sale again week after week, so it’s best to stock up on items that you use that are on sale.
I hope this list that I made will help you out when you buy your groceries!
Enjoy your week everyone!

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