Moving into a Little Rental House

I found this place a couple of weeks ago and I really was shocked by how much money I was going to save. At first I was just going to move in with one of my pals, but he has a girlfriend and she was willing to pull her own weight. That made her an acceptable roommate. I found out that she can cook really well since then. We have a pretty good Frontier internet service, it is in fact one of those all fiber services and it costs about as much as I used to pay for cable broadband which did not work half as well. We are going to get satellite TV, as soon as we figure out whether or not it is going to be practical to install it. There are a whole lot of trees above this house and the one thing that you need is a clear line of sight to the part of the sky which you point the satellite dish toward. It is not really certain that you need it or not. I made a deal with the guy who owns this place actually. He has a dozen or so homes and about half of them are pretty close to this one. I have a pick up truck and it is not a big deal to borrow my Dad’s lawnmower. So I mow these yards for him and he cuts it off my rent. In fact most of these yards are tiny and have very mowing or trimming to do. I can do all of them in around 20 minutes each, not including the travel time. So I usually do one of them on my way home from work. The deal I made is probably not that great for me, but this is so little work that I did not care.