Life Core LC1050RBs Recumbent Exercise Bike

Lifecore argues that the LC1050RBs is the best recumbent exercise bike on the market. Other manufacturers might disagree but it is undeniable that it is packed with quality and features.

The high back mesh seat features 3 reclining positions and has adjustable tilt and side position.Compared to traditional seats, the mesh seat is highly breathable and comfortable.

The Lifecore LC1050RBs is well suited for small spaces, measuring almost a foot shorter than other bikes and with large wheels for easy transport.

The pedals are spaced at 5 inches to reduce the stress on joints.This bike can accommodate riders up to 300 lbs.

The console on the LC1050RBs features a 7 LED window for displaying all necessary information during a workout.There are 12 preset programs with the bike and is able to accommodate 5 different user profiles.

5 different user ID’s for separate training programs is a valuable feature if the bike will have several users.

The console supports Polar heart rate programs and gives the user quick key buttons for fast programming.

A magazine rack is within easy reach.

Lifecore Fitness has a 7 year warranty on parts and 1 year on labor for the LC1050RBs.

The Lifecore LC1050RBs is not the cheapest recumbent bike on the market but it is one of the best

Kurt Kinetic Kurt Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainer

If you already own an outdoor bicycle, an indoor bike trainer is a great alternative to buying an exercise bike.

Most serious road bikers or triathletes use a bike trainer when they cannot go outdoors.

Your regular bike simply mounts on the bike trainer with the rear wheel touching a roller that provides resistance.

Bike trainers generate resistance either through air resistance or fluid resistance.

In the case of the Kurt Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainer, the roller spins a small impeller in a closed chamber filled with fluid. The faster you bike, the greater the resistance.

The Kurt Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainer uses a magnetic system to spin the impeller rather than an actual drive shaft. This eliminates the risk of leaks, the biggest complaint about bike trainers.

The Kurt Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainer is very stable, has a heavy flywheel for smooth performance and can accept any kind of bike, including tandems and mountain bikes.

Fitness Master X Series Momentum

The FitnessMasters X Series Momentum is a spinning exercise bike with a heavy, 44 lb flywheel for quiet and smooth operation.

Both handle bar and seat can be easily adjusted horizontally and vertically to achieve optimal position and seat is anatomically designed with a mid-section cut-away for comfort.Handlebar has multiple options for hand position. Pedals have cages to keep shoes firmly in place or can be used with clip-in type shoes. Water bottle holder included.The FitnessMasters X Series Momentum may be priced for home use but it will feel more like the bikes used at health clubs and gyms and users give it high marks.Definitely recommended