Letting Criminals Know I Am Protected

I had never really considered having a security system until I watched a documentary about home invasions. That was enough to make me realize that I had put myself in this safe little bubble that I really liked but that those who wished to do me harm would disregard in a heartbeat. Even before the hour long show was over, I knew that I was going to do a search for ADT home security near Atlanta to see if there were any companies that would be able to help me with getting my house a bit more on the secure side.

The reason I wanted to go with ADT is because it was mentioned a few times in the documentary, and I felt that if experts were touting its advantages, then I would be foolish to not look into them first. When I looked at the company website, I was more convinced than ever that I was making the right decision. The one thing that stood out most for me from the documentary was the fact that people wanting to break into a house are not going to target the ones that are not easy marks.

When they see a sign in a person’s front yard, they automatically move onto another house. I have seen those signs a lot of times in other people’s yards, but I never really gave them much thought. That is the purpose of them though. Honest people will just ignore them, but people with criminal intent will take notice and move on. Just knowing that the sign is in my front yard now gives me so much peace! Well, that plus all of the benefits that I am getting with my new security system too. I didn’t even realize it was possible to feel safe like this, and I’m glad that I do now.