Let the Criminals Just Try

It’s nice to think that our homes are safe from harm. That when we begin filling them up with all the things that we buy with our hard earned money that they’re going to be safe from the outside world. We quietly acknowledge that crime is a fact of life but rarely do we accept that crime can happen to us – until it does. It happened to me which is when I made the decision to not be a victim and ordered Fresno CA ADT Security to ensure that it wouldn’t ever happen again. It better not, anyways. Criminals

I think a part of me even wants to invite a burglar to try it again. I took the little ADT sign they plant in the front yard and tossed it: I don’t want to give a criminal the luxury of thinking that they’re the one’s who are safe. Nope. If they can make me feel fear from robbing me then I want to take away their sense of security. Let them think that my home is vulnerable. Let them believe that they can just stroll right in with no problems. I’m not easy picking anymore. I dare them to try because ADT and I are waiting.

It’s horrible to come home after your place has been completely vandalized. My stuff was everywhere. They took my computers and my television. The things that would be easy for them to sell off, I imagine. Luckily I had home insurance which was able to cover some of the loss but lingering feeling that my house had been left completely exposed to some stranger with ill intentions stayed with me for a while. Now I’m ready for them. I hope they try again so I can see them locked up behind cold steel bars.