ISO7X Review

When I first started fitness training I had no idea what apparatus worked for what, and isometric exercises sounded like some sort of math equation. Today, I am fitter than I have ever been in my life, and I know which exercise machines and equipment function well and which don’t.

Isometric Exercises Work Best

When I first started in the exercise industry I did know that a concentrated range of activity that focused on a specific muscle set worked best at developing muscle. In short, this is probably why I took on the fitness world. I wanted to get fit and I wanted to do it quickly. Today, some 20 years later there is a wide range of exercise equipment designed to do just that.

Get the Abs you Want without the Fuss

There are pieces of equipment like the ISO7X that are specially designed to give you the muscles you want in just 10 minutes a day, something that would have taken me hours of  work just a few years ago. Exercise equipment like the ISO7X uses newer technology and gives you muscle workout with over 30 different workout exercises. But, not only does it do what it is supposed too—not just advertising hype—it is also compact enough to fit almost anywhere.

Because of its compact size you can take it with you where ever you go, and use it at the office, home, at the gym or on a business trip. With equipment like this there isn’t any reason why you can´t get the exercise you need at any time or anywhere. This is the one piece of equipment that truly works for busy people.

One of the features I like best in the ISO7X , besides its compactness is the calibrated meter that allows me to track my progress and add resistance as I need to, which helps me increase my endurance and my strength.

Get Bigger Shoulders Fast

As soon as I started using this piece of equipment I began to notice a substantial broadening o f the shoulders, a tightening in the abs and obliques, and  a much stronger back.

Additional Features

The Iso7x comes with a wall chart allowing you to try over 30 different workout exercises. This doesn’t mean you have to do all of them but you find more than a few which will give you an overall body workout.Want arms and abs of steel? Then this is the one small workout machine that can give it all to you.

But let’s not forget the little details! This wonderful small, portable exercise machine comes at a very small price of just 2 payments of 29.95 and the manufacturer offers a full money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied.

  • Let´s not forget that today isometric exercises are the fastest way to build strength and the Iso7x is the perfect isometric machine.
  • It offers 30 different exercises for such a small and inexpensive machine.
  • It can be used almost anywhere and for just a few minutes a day.

The One that Works

Although the fitness market is filled with many different types of equipment that promises the “Moon and the Stars,” the Iso7x really is the veritable exercise king when it comes to a complete exercise machine in a small package.

This is the machine that will help you get the exercise you need without injuring your joints and bones. There is no reason to take it outdoors, unless you want to. This is an incredibly simple piece of equipment, but one that really works when you need it to.

Whether you want a machine for yourself or for that great guy, the Iso7x has it all and he will appreciate its ease of use and lightweight features. This machine works with fitness buffs working at any level, whether they be the novice exerciser or the experienced, hard-core fitness buff like me.

Remember, you can´t go wrong with the Iso7X as this is a money back guarantee, just in case you feel it doesn’t do the job you want it to. However, most tried and true fitness guys will tell you this is a mainstay in their fitness room equipment.