Genie Bra Reviews

Are you the type of person that hates the under wire and is really annoyed with cheap bra straps but never seem to have a choice when trying to buy a bra in the store. The hottest new thing in the bra world is called the Genie Bra.

One cool thing about the genie bra is the bra is the size is determined by your clothing size not you cup size. The company also says the Genie Bra has great support and is very comfortable. Using a microfiber fabric with wide straps and no seams and a band for additional support and comfort. Using this unique material the bra really fits well make your chest look even better!

How Does The Genie Bra Work!

Also part of the Genie Bra’s material is spandex. This allows the bra to fit really well and if you lose or put on a little weight you will have no worries about the bra fitting. It’s also great at hiding any back fat that the typical bra shows. The Genie Bra can be washed in the washer machine with no worries as well. We have also found this bra to be great for going to the gym do to the way it was designed.

Genie Bra Size

You need to measure your bust to figure out what size to order.If you feel you are stuck in between sizes I would order the smaller size as the bra should easily be able to stretch and fit just fine. When you receive your bra and find out it just doesn’t fit right simply call customer service in the next 30 days and they will help you get a bra that fits your needs.

What Does The Genie Bra Cost?

The current offer at Genie is a really great deal and I am not sure how long it will last. For the price of 59.99 you get six bra’s for the price of three. Your bra’s will include three different colors. Black, White and Beige. This works out to be around 10 dollars a bra. Tough to beat that price for a very comfortable bra.

Genie Bra Stands Behind There Product

You get a 60 day manufacture warranty and a satisfaction guarantee. Check out Genie for exact details.

If you do find a flaw in the Genie Bra I would personally contact customer support to ensure your problem is covered by there warranty. If it is you will have to ship the bra back to them and also pay for shipping. Of course they will explain this when you talk to them. Remember you get 60 days to try the genie bra to ensure you like it!

Most of the reviews i was able to find on different forums was extremely positive but there where a few unhappy folks. But it’s impossible to make everyone happy. If you happen to be one of the unhappy ones simply return the Genia bra for a full refund and go find your self a different bra!

Genie Bra Reviews- Customer Feedback

Very comfortable
Some folks claim it really gives the chest a nice lift
Larger breasted women are finding it to work really well
Great To Work out in

Your breast look smaller

Since the genie bra is a bit new it was hard to find a ton of feedback. Since they offer a rock solid money back guarantee I feel the Genie Bra is a must try for people in search of a very comfortable and good looking bra. If you do choose to buy this bra please stop by again and leave us a comment on out Genie Bra Review.