Sleep Innovations 12 inch Shiloh Twin Memory Foam Mattress Review

Probably one-third of your life is spent in bed so you need to make sure it is comfortable. The Sleep Innovations 12 inch Shiloh Twin Memory Foam Mattress gives you this at a good price. The company has built a name for supplying excellent products. You will wake up next morning refreshed, cool and ready to put in a full day’s work as a result of the comfort supplied by this product.

Sleep Innovations is a United States company which manufactures its product in the USA. The company was started in 1996 and concentrates on making foam products in their three up to the minute state of the art plants.  They come with the highest rating given to their type of products in the industry.Sleep Innovations 12 inch Sure Temp Twin Memory Foam Mattress Review

It is manufactured to a 12-inch thickness and yet in spite of being foam, it retains the ability to give you a cool night’s sleep.

Price and Features

The Sleep Innovations 12 inch Shiloh Twin is available from Amazon at a discounted price of $319.65 plus free shipping which is a saving of $160.35.

Some of the great features of this product are:

  • It has special foam that will keep dust mites at bay.
  • It also incorporates a fire retardant design which acts as a barrier from within.
  • It is measured to have this dimension: 60 by 80 by 12
  • This product proudly carries the Made in the USA sign.
  • The foam used to manufacture the Mattress has a fire retardant barrier.
  • It is necessary to allow the mattress to expand for 48 or more hours prior to use.

Who is it good for?

Anyone from a youngster to the oldest person will enjoy the comforts of a mattress like this.  It is extremely comfortable and makes anyone with a bad back comfortable. When you get your Sleep Innovations 12 inch Shiloh Twin Memory Foam Mattress it is important to allow it to expand fully before you start using it. Once expanded and in use, you will get the benefits from the thick 12 inches of foam.

Sleep Innovations comfort mattress

Pros and Cons

Unlike normal foam which tends to make you rather hot as it doesn’t breathe, this foam is great. It keeps you cool even in the warmest of temperatures. Thanks to its supportive surface that takes care of the spinal alignment, this mattress gives you comfort for sore and aching limbs while at the same time remaining firm. The makers have thought about therapeutic properties of this mattress which has allowed for manufacturing a mattress with lesser pressure points. As a result, you’re guaranteed of comfortable sleep without all that tossing and turning. Using the Sleep Innovations 12 inch Shiloh Twin Memory Foam Mattress you will find you have more energy and more relaxed muscles to get you through the day.

Why you should buy it?

Although this product is far from the most expensive price wise it is a top-notch product and one I would really recommend to anyone wanting to buy a new mattress.


The need for a comfortable good night’s sleep is imperative. No one can get through the day and not be grumpy without sound sleep. The Sleep Innovations 12 inch Shiloh Twin Memory Foam Mattress is a mattress that will do just this for you.

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