Body Champ Inversion Table

Thanks for checking out my body champ inversion table review. My guess is if your looking for a body champ inversion table you would like to find the best price as well. Click here for the best price we have found. But please feel free to read the rest of this review.

Inversion table therapy has been around for a very long time. Most people think Inversion table therapy is just for back pain. Well there wrong. Yes ,inversion table therapy is great for back pain, and this is by far it’s most popular use.

So How Does The Body Champ Inversion Table Work?

By hanging upside down you are now working against gravity. This might sound pretty odd but this is the magic of the body champ inversion table. By hanging upside down you are now decompressing your spine and allowing more oxygen into your spine. It’s just amazing what happens when your spinal cord get more oxygen.

When this happens all the benefits above begin to happen. Some benefits will happen immediately and others benefits will take some time to notice. The one benefit that seems to happen all most immediately is the disappearing of back and neck pain.

Body Champ Inversion Table Benefits

  • Reduces stress & anxiety
  • Great for back and neck pain
  • Great stretch for your legs
  • Help with varicose veins
  • Increased oxygen to your cells and brain
  • Helps the lymph drain
  • Plus many other health benefits

How To Use The Body Champ Inversion Table

Of course it’s never a bad idea to check with your doctor before starting any new health protocol. Having some one with you the first few times you use the body champ it8070 inversion therapy table is a good idea. At fist it can be a little awkward.

But it should only take a few tries before you feel comfortable. When I first used the body champ inversion table I started out with 5 minutes. This seemed like a good starting point when I first used this therapy for my lower back pain.

Once you start getting the hang of it, its nice to swing side to side and back and forth to really get the blood flowing and the oxygen into your spine to really get the maximum benefits. I eventually worked my way up to 10 minutes a day. I did it every day for a few weeks. After I started feeling really good I continue to use it about 5 times a week. Of course If i feel any back pain i jump right back to my daily routine.

Why The Body Champ Inversion Table?

At roughly 99 dollars this inversion table is a great price. Yes you can spend a lot more money but I really feel there is no need to do that. Body champ inversion table will handle anyone up to 250 pounds and height of 4′ 7″ to 6′ 8″.  It use’s a pull pin system for easy adjustments.

One thing I really like is the foam cushion they use. Really comfortable. The straps they use really make you feel secure when your hanging up side down. So as you can see this will work just fine for most folks. Its also folds very easy for nice and simple storage.

Over all for the money the body champ inversion table is a great inversion table. I highly recommend this to anyone trying to improve there overall health or just stay perfectly healthy.