Acoustic Wave Therapy for Back Pain and Herniated Disc

Back Pain
The hardest thing for most patients who have back pain, including herniated discs, to deal with is the excruciating pain. Ultimately, the goal for successful treatment includes accelerating the body’s ability to heal, so that the underlying cause can be removed. But in addition to rehabilitation of the underlying causes, pain management is a real issue. Unfortunately, long term use of painkillers carries a host of negative side effects. The ideal solution is a treatment option, or a complementary combination of therapies that can accomplish both goals.

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy
That is why the Back Pain and Herniated Disc Treatment Centers uses a multimodal approach to treating back pain and the pain associated with a herniated disc. One of our most effective therapy options is Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT), or Acoustic Wave Therapy.

During treatment, an acoustic wave therapeutic device is used externally to create acoustic (sound wave) pulses that aid in pain management. The sound waves provide short, intense bursts of energy that penetrate deep within the body, affecting soft tissues and muscles. These bursts of energy break up the blocked and tightened areas, which improves blood circulation. This supports the body’s own healing ability, alleviates pain, relaxes the muscles, and stimulates tissues.

WellWave Acoustic Wave Therapy
At The Back Pain and Herniated Disc Treatment Centers, we use The WellWave Acoustic Compression System. With this innovative treatment for back pain, the patient helps guide the therapy. The WellWave allows the therapist and patient working together to locate blockages.

How does it work? When the WellWave finds a blockage, or “trigger point,” it feels like a pin prick deep in the muscles.  As the acoustic compression waves release the trigger point, pain relief is provided to the affected area of the body.

If you would like to learn more about Acoustic Wave Therapy for back pain, call the Back Pain and Herniated Disc Treatment Centers today for a consultation.

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