Ab Glider

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is the face of the Ab Glider, a product that is intended to provide the user with calorie burning and muscle toning exercises.  It provides a workout for the entire core section of the body and also gives a great cardio workout.

The machine works the upper, middle and lower abs, the obliques, stabilizers, back, and the arms. These types of machines normally come with only one of the features; however, the Ab glider has many different types of workouts that provide both the circular motion and the crunching motion.

The following are a list other of features:

  • The Ab Glider also has a digital screen on the machine that tracks how the users have been doing by tracking the amount of reps and the amount of calories burned
  • Comes with Elisabeth Halledbeck’s three minute rapid results DVD as well as her healthy eating guide. It also includes her Amazing Abs DVD which provides step-by-step examples some different activities that can be done on the Ab Glider.

Who Should Use the Ab Glider?

The people who should be using the Proform Ab Glider are anyone who wishes to work their entire midsection, including the back, and the arms. In terms of losing weight, the exercise equipment will also help with this as it provides a great fat-burning cardio workout. People who need to lose a lot of weight can also use this machine; they should however combine it with some other type of cardio or even use the

Ab Glider more often to get the necessary calorie burning cardio exercise. It is also intended to tone all the muscles in the mid sections. Most people who use this product will begin seeing results in a short period of time. Some users have even reported seeing results within one week. When using It, people need to keep in mind that it is necessary to combine it with healthy eating habits if they wish to get the best results.

Benefits of the Ab Glider

  • It is possible to get a 30-day trial and all that needs to be paid by the customer is $14.99 which is refunded is they choose to return it. If the customer decides to keep it they will be able to make six payments of approximately $32 (price will vary slightly depending on State tax)
  • If the buyer wants to make one payment of $149.99 plus shipping and handling, this is also possible and will save them $32.
  • Many different types of exercises that are fun and more importantly, they work
  • Burns more calories than other ab machines
  • No impact exercise making it safer than crunches and is great for those who have back problems
  • Very easy to use
  • Doesn’t require lengthy workouts in order to get results, a few minutes a day and the user will see some results
  • It comes with a one-year warranty
  • The quality of the equipment is very sturdy
  • It is a lot less expensive than other ab workout machines
  • Does the work of two machines

Disadvantages of the Ab Glider

  • Although this is the case for all workouts, it is also necessary to eat the right diet in order to experience the intended results
  • In order to be able to get the 30-day trial the customer needs to get their credit approved
  • Some people find that it puts more emphasis on using the arms rather than the abs due to the handle bars being too short. However, the key to a great workout is a change of posture in order to ensure that the abs are being worked
  • Requires practice in order to get complete results
  • There is no way to adjust the  tension which could be beneficial for those who find the workout too easy
  • Some people had a bad experience with the packaging as some received their machine with broken parts, but this can be fixed by calling the company
  • Some people had problems with the assembly while others found it very easy

Although there may be some disadvantages, this is the case with any product. It is also important to note that sometimes people do not use it correctly and would need to adjust their posture. The main thing about this exercise machine is that it works. Real results are seen within a week and when combined with a great eating regime user can expect to see inches and pounds come off faster.

As with any exercise equipment it is not possible to get results unless the user is ready to do the work needed to get them; however, this is an easy way to do it and it does not require a lot of time.  Finally, the Ab Glider combines two different types of exercises which would normally require two machines.